Daily living

Some basic info about daily living, sharing spaces and the kind of agreements we’d need to get along:

  • IDEOLOGICAL STANCES: We welcome any kind of politics as long as you are not racist, sexist, or a right wing supporter. Regarding LGTBQIA+ politics, TERFS, SWERFS, truscum and exclusionist people are not welcome. This is a safe space for queers of any identity or orientation, that includes pan, a-spec people and minoritary gender identities. This is also a safe space for sex workers. We won’t allow in here any kind of misogynistic, racist and/or ableist behavior, nor any kind of aggression or microaggression towards anyone based on gender/orientation, nor any physical assaul, sexual assault or violation of bodily autonomy or personal boundaries.

  • PERSONAL SAFETY – POLITICS REGARDING AGGRESSIONS OR RAPE: In the event of rape, sexual assault, misogynistic violence or partner abuse happening in the house, victims will always be believed and prioritized, aggressors expelled right away, and authorities involved if the victim decides to do so, respecting their autonomy if they decide against it.

  • LANGUAGES: We speak advanced English and Spanish, some French and some German.

  • SLEEPING: We currently have one double bed and one couch available. More people can sleep inside if you don’t mind bringing a mat and sleeping bag. In the future we hope to have two beds more to reach 4-5 people capacity (between beds and couch).

  • EXPENSES: We don’t mind sharing electricity and water for free for shorter stays (less than two weeks, for more we’d talk about a trade) but you’d need to buy your own food, either by yourself or covering your costs if you choose to eat from our food. We make a big supermarket order once a month, and there’s some groceries vans that come to town on a regular basis. Specially if you have some dietary needs, try to plan your visit in advance so we can organize to add your food to our monthly order. If you have a car, supermarkets are at 20 minutes driving distance.

  • VEG*NS: This is an omnivore house. We don’t mind if you are vegetarian or a vegan, just be aware there will be meat on the fridge.

  • DRINKING/DRUGS: This is not a fully sober space. At any given time, there will be some alcohol, tobacco or other stuff around the house. We are not heavy substances users and mostly just social drinkers. We have no issue abstaining during your stay and keeping stuff out of sight if it’s a trigger for you, but if you have addiction issues you must take into consideration if stuff being somewhere inside the house makes it unsafe for you.
  • Given the previous point, goes without saying if you are a hard line straight edge person you won’t really feel comfortable in here.

  • FURRY FRIENDS: The house is shared with a cat. Any animal you bring with you must be safe for them. Other than that, we love dogs, cats, rats (beware of the cat!), reptiles… Your little friends are welcome here!

  • TRAVELING: A car is deeply encouraged, if not outright needed, in here. There are a couple of buses from a nearby town to province’s capital city and to a bigger town, but schedules are outrageous. If you bring your car/van there’s parking space in front of the door and in the yard (two cars/vans can fit, in total).

  • HELPING AROUND: The only thing we’d really need is that you take care of cleaning after yourself (and it doesn’t have to be right away, we are quite chill about dishes and stuff). If you are physically able and willing to help, it would be great if you want to help with repairs, improvements and setting up work spaces on the house. We are not experts but we can have fun learning to DIY things with some tutorials!

  • ACCESSIBILITY: The house is not accessible for wheelchair users (sorry!), there are stairs and kitchen and bathroom are upstairs. The stairs as they are now can be unsafe for older people or people with some mobility or balance issues, we intend to make them safer on the mid term. Regarding communication, we currently don’t know any sign language ( and really should learn). If you have other accessibility needs, such as being perfume free, dimming lights, not smoking indoors during your stay, or anything we could do, please tell us and we’ll do our best, part of us are spoonies ourselves and so we try to be supportive of other’s needs.

  • STAY LENGTH: You can stay for short or longer periods, there’s no issue. If you need or want to stay for more than about two months or so, we are open to that, but we should discuss living arrangements in advance and do some trial time to see if we’d get along as housemates.

  • ART MATERIALS: We don’t mind sharing some basic, cheap supplies, like a handful of sketch paper, pencils, charcoal, etc, but for non reusable, more expensive material, depending on how much you end using we’d ask you for some trade in return or helping to cover costs if you are able to.

If there’s anything not covered in here, or you’d like to ask or discuss anything else, please feel free to do so.

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