Contribute to improve Vila Eloíse

This project doesn’t accept monetary donations, but if you like it and would like to contribute, there’s a couple of things you can do.

First, if you are physically able to, you can help with the actual improvement works. There’s still lots to do and you don’t have to worry about not being a pro, we can get a tutorial and see what we are capable of, no pressure. Electricity, roof, and plumbing are all good to go and we wouldn’t want any guest to do any risky stuff at all, what we’d ask help to do are mostly aesthetic things, like plastering, painting, restoring or making furniture, etc.

Second, you can donate tools and materials. There’s quite a bit of material needed, like some pladur, mortar, a couple of mattresses, home improvement tools, cheap floor for some of the spaces, etc. If you want to donate part of this, either when you are here or having it sent, just write us an email.

Getting started

We got inspired to start Vila Eloíse by seeing a great queer house project in Galiza, Sete Outeiros, it made us think about what we wanted to do with the possibilities this house could offer.

And what we envisioned instantly was queer friendship and art: a few artists creating together for a few days, teaching each other techniques and tricks, having fun painting on the walls (why not?)… And enjoying time with any visitor, artist or not, to discover nice places together, chill at the garden, cook some yummy meals, and have as many good conversations as we feel like.

We are getting the project started even before finishing a lot of the improvement works, so hopefully any visitor will be understanding about things not being perfect and a bit of dust and debris here and there. Even if the house isn’t beautiful yet we have places to sleep and chill, a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, WiFi and a cat friend, which are all the basic things for a nice time at home.

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