Vila Eloíse is owned by a queer person (pronouns they/them) and inhabited and run in association with other queers.

Having the space and stability that comes with setting up a country house meant the chance of creating a project to share all of that with our queer community.

According to our personal ethics, we want to organize and help to sustain alternative lifestyles, and as queer people, to prioritize our collective because we often lack safe spaces and resources that white cishet people can often give for granted or have a much better access to.

Safe space for us means to protect, nurture and welcome every queer person regardless of identity or orientation, and that includes every non binary person, asexual/aromantic people, pansexual people… We won’t tolerate exclusion, invalidation or intolerant attitudes in that regard and we ask of other queer people sustaining such attitudes to deconstruct them, reflect on how them perpetuate and promote hierarchies and normativities and how they reproduce systemic values that oppress us as queers, and in the meanwhile to please not visit our home.

This house is a work in progress, and it still lacks many things to meet comfort standards, but is already apt for basic living.

Over time, this will be a creation space for a few artists at a time, with painting and photography equipment and a multipurpose work space where you will also be able to do sculpture, wood work, anything you wish without having to worry about making a mess.

There will be regularly scheduled artist meetups and workshops once the work space is fully functional.

For now, we are starting to open the house to queer people around the world as a place to sleep for free and come to know this area of Galiza. We’ll do our best so you have a great time around here!

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